Warm bodies

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February 21, 2013 by aoifebrennan

Eddie Redmayne

I saw the film Warm Bodies over the weekend. I was doing a taxi service for my son who was meeting friends for a Chinese meal. I tried to hook up with a number of my friends but all were busy. So, as it was a thirty minute drive to the restaurant and the cinema was next door, I decided to take myself off to see a film. The last film I saw was Les Mis which I loved, every minute of it. Especially the minutes when Eddie Redmayne was on screen. Here is a picture of him. (this is just an excuse to post his picture, again).

I saw choose Warm Bodies over Hitchcock because my friend had expressed an interest in seeing that film and so I thought I would wait. Warm Bodies also has John Malcovitch in it so I thought it might be better than the ZomRomCom section it was billed under. Finally, it started at 7:30pm so it gave me enough time to do the drop off and then get to the film in time. This was also the first time I have ever visited the cinema by myself – it was going to be strange experience.

The film was, well let’s just say it wasn’t great. A reviewer said it was Twilight but with Zombies rather than Vampires. I have to say it was better than Twilight but that was not saying much. There were one or two funny moments and a lot of terrible ones. Actually I think John Malcovitch must be broke or needed to pay a tax bill as he was the weakest point of the film. He looked and acted as if he just didn’t care. In fact, he didn’t.

So, unless you are at a very loose end, don’t bother. I wish I had gone to see Les Mis again where my friend Mr Redmayne really did care.


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