Urban Myth


February 28, 2013 by aoifebrennan

Have you heard the urban myth about the five star hotel that deliberately makes mistakes just so the staff can rectify them with ease. For example, a hand towel or the complimentary coffee sachets might be missing which prompts the guest to complain. Immediately the problem is solved and a gift is given to the guest by way of recompense. Afterwards, the guest will often recommend the hotel for their fast action and pleasant surprise. However, without this trigger the guest might never mention their stay as they expect great service for the money paid. It may be an urban myth and it may not. It is clever though.


So confession time. I did NOT employ such a tactic with my debut novel. I did NOT leave in mistakes so that I could rectify them and then provide the reader with a new story or a fresh copy. I have to confess that in my urgency to get my beloved book out there, I missed them, lots of them. How gauche! It took the lovely Sally from the UK to tell me this. She read my book and gave it a great review but slammed, quite rightly, my errors. I know when I read a book if there is even one mistake, one word wrong out of 100,000, I hate it. It really jars!


So, thank you Sally very much. I am having it professionally read. I hesitated before for reasons too long to explain here but that is ultimately self-defeating. So, when it is republished I shall drop you a note via Stephen’s page and send you on a clean copy.


Very much appreciated!

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