Aoife Meets … Samantha Fontein

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July 1, 2013 by aoifebrennan

Aoife Meets….Samantha Fontein


Butterfly cover

Samantha Fontein is one hot rock chick. She exudes sassy appeal and is funny and sweet. She is also a kind individual – under a wicked sense of humour. Did I mention she  likes cocktails? How to catch Butterflies is her debut novel and she deals with the tough issues of domestic violence. This topic is close and personal to Samantha and she has written from personal experience. Write what you know brings a whole new meaning when violence is used as a weapon against women. Read this interesting interview, enoy the saucy snippet and rock over to Amazon to buy her book! or UK

Samantha – You have just published your debut novel, tell me a bit about you, For example, are you based in London?

–  I was up until recently London based, I’ve moved back to Ireland, and I’m living in the countryside again in the house we built.
Have you ever written a novel or novella before?

–  Only those still stored in the countless copybooks I used to write on. ‘How to Catch Butterflies’ is my first book.
What made you take up the laptop and write?

–  It was a friend who had recently self published. When I told her it was my dream, she said she would help me as much as she could with guidance etc.
I read somewhere, that this is based on a true story – is that true and how close are the people involved?

– Yes, that’s 100% true. And as for people, very close, for example Rebecca & Lucy are modeled on three women including myself. The conversations are very real, to the point when one of the two, read certain things, she said “Oh my god, that’s you and me, and we sort of had this conversation”. I could only laugh with them in agreement.  And as for the men? Yes, they are all real as well, I’ve had to change names etc but yes they are very real hahahaha. So a big fat yes to that.
Since you know people personally who lived through domestic violence, was it hard to write?

– For me? NO as I have lived through Domestic Violence as a child, and in my first serious relationship. Chapters 1&2 are very personal as I wrote what had happened to me. I don’t want to glorify it in any shape or fashion. I just wanted to show the reasons why certain choices were made, and how life evolves even when you think your world as you know it has ended. It’s a hard decision to make; the world can be a very scary place when you’re starting again. But there is life, and only you are master of your own destiny.  
Do you support any domestic violence charities and why?

–  Yes actually I do. Locally we have a women’s refuge. I have two children myself, so I send clothes and toys, bikes etc etc to them. Many women have to run in the middle of the night or just simply when they can. This planning thing doesn’t work out; they often run, with just the clothes on their backs. They need clothing when they are staying there, and so do their children. They also need toys etc. At Christmas I buy extra presents, so at least there are gifts for under the tree. I’m also a trained Samaritan, and I used to volunteer at one of their centres.

Why do you think it is so hard for women to leave violent men? Conversely – do you know any men suffering from violent women… just wondering

–  That’s an excellent question. I think there are a number of factors, but I’d say the primary factor is FEAR. Fear of the unknown; fear of what they will do, how they will survive, as I say fear. I haven’t met a man yet who has been in that situation that I’m aware of. To me violence is another form of abuse.
When you decided to write, what made you start with domestic violence – or was that the catalyst?

–  I always say my life started when I was turning 24, considering my new life started with that particular event. I didn’t think I had much of a life, when I compared it to the new life I had made for myself.  I went from a broken family home into the arms of a shithead. That was no life; it’s mirrored in those two chapters I didn’t know any better and accepted it.  After that event, it spurred me on to wanting better and more for myself, and not settling because that’s what I had done for the last 7 years (I had made my bed, so I thought I had to lie on it). So why not, that was my reality, they say to write what you know, hahahahaha
How do you write – longhand or computer?

–  Previously long hand (I have stacks of copy books with short stories) But now,  it’s absolutely without a doubt via computer.
How many words you write a day – do you write every day

–  Yes I write every night now since starting ‘How to catch butterflies’. I try to write a chapter a night.
Do you have a day job – what is it?

–  Yes I have.  I am a superhero mum of two, I have the most important job in the world. I’m very lucky to have had the wonderful careers I’ve had. So I’m happy and content to be with them and enjoy the quality of time. I have nothing but admiration for women who work and juggle a home life, I done it, and it’s hard, those mums deserve awards. I do find however there is a lot of prejudice when a career girl asks if you work. They tend to look down their noses. But that’s fine I was one of them BC, before children lol. They’ll learn hahahaha.

What do your hubby/kids think of your new found talent?

–   They are incredibly proud of me. I let my nearly 14 year old daughter read two very safe chapters. I was watching her read (Worry that she didn’t go to a chapter she shouldn’t for a quick peak lol) to find her roaring crying. I asked her why she was, and she sobbed, “You killed him mummy, why? Why did you have to kill him?” and she sobbed her little heart out. I was choked as one would be seeing their child crying. Then she read another bit and was shouting “OMG NOoo “ (chapter 14), she said “Mummy, it’s so good, I was scared for her. Please let me read more?” ME – NOOOOoo when you’re 18 and I don’t think I’ll be comfortable then with you reading it. But I have to say hearing her reactions were cool, and a bit of a buzz.

How do you react to criticism?

–   I’m not every one’s cup of tea, hey even I’m a coffee drinker hahahaha. I try not to take too much to heart, as when you write, it’s not just the writing that goes into a book. It’s all the other unseen things. Like the time it takes you away from your family and friends etc .And if you’re sobbing while writing a sad chapter because your emotions everything goes into it.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

SM pic quote

How do you plot your book?

–   Mine is in my head, although I have loads of notes and sleep with a copybook, so I can write my ideas down before I forget. I do plan, however my characters sometimes do not behave or do what’s expected of them, hence book 2.

–   I do map my books, like profiling my characters, doing time lines etc. To me, it helps me join the dots.


When do you know you’ve reached the end?

–   For me I haven’t. When I typed ‘The End’ I also wrote ‘Or is it?’ knowing full well book 2 was happening. For me my plan was do the HEA in B1, however circumstances caused by certain characters, didn’t behave.

–   I plan on Writing ‘The End for Rebecca’s story with her popping up in B3, but not as a main character like she is now, and I’m also introducing a new butterfly in B2 as well.
How do you like writing the sex scenes – does it turn you on?

–   Hmmm, of course, I actually really enjoy writing them, they come very naturally for me hehehehe. If it doesn’t turn you on, then how can you expect it to turn on somebody else?

Are you writing any follow-ups? Tell us more…

–  I’m toying with the idea of writing about the men who will be left out in the cold, I even have the titles, but I’m going to finish Lucy’s story on B3, and I intend to write about a new butterfly per book which is what I intended to do in the very beginning

The saucy snippet:

Rebecca & Jackson Harvey

Jackson & Rebecca (SF)


She reached up her fingers grabbing his chin, pulling him to her, her tongue licking and flicking at his lips down his neck.   Jackson lowered himself down into her as she nuzzled him.   He moved faster now grinding, burying himself deeper into her.  His chest on her as he plunged deeper and deeper, faster with force into her, then slowing to a tease as he slowly withdrew his cock before plunging again and again deeper into her.

Rebecca clawed his back gently at first, then, the clawing became harder animalistic as she dug her nails into his back with each plunge he made as he rammed his cock into her to a faster pace.

She started to moan sharper till the only sounds were of her gratification  and his pounding against her, which became a slamming frenzy until he came, pumping his creamy load into her.

Rebecca’s legs were still wrapped tightly around him holding him in her.

Jackson’s back now covered in clawed welts from her scratching. He slumped down on her gently, his energy having been zapped from him by this vixen that now lay under him.  He couldn’t fight the urge to kiss her again and again.

About the Author, Samantha Fontien:

I’m a happily married mum of 2. I’m a West London girl, and I’ve just recently moved back from London, back to Ireland, where I now live in the countryside. I’ve always written, mainly short stories, but ‘How to catch Butterflies’ is my first book. I’ve had a passion for writing since a very young age.  I find a story in every situation, and like real life there isn’t always a Happily Ever After. There’s lots of me in my writing, I tend to write about my own life experiences or something based on a situation. My parents were both musicians, I’m a classically trained guitarist myself (at their insistence, and not my choice of instrument, I wanted to play the drums), so I have a real burning passion for music. I have quite an ecliptic taste; I pretty much love everything, especially live music/gigs.  I have two dogs, one cat and three goldfish and love shoes, I really do love shoes <3.  I refuse to wear wellies (Wellingtons) (Gum/Mud/Rain Boots) and wear riding boots instead. You can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl.

Book Trailer

Buy the book on or

Visit her profile on Goodreads or follow her on Facebook


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