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July 24, 2013 by aoifebrennan

Buy her debut novel here Darkness Deserved

Jessica Spoon pic

Jessica Spoon interview

1.You are releasing your debut novel novel on july 23, how do feel?

Excited and nervous. It’s so stressful, because you pour your heart and soul into this and you just want the message to get across.
2. Did you ever think you might read a novel, let alone write one

Haha. No. I used to hate the idea of reading. It never appealed to me, let alone write something.

Jessica Spoon cover - darkness deserved
3. Your mum tried to encourage you to read, what was your response?

That there was no point in reading when they would just make a movie out of it. She’d always say that the book was always better. And I didn’t think she was wrong, but thought “Who wants to take that time?” I always felt like I was maybe missing something. Everyone was always reading, but it just wasn’t my thing.
4. What finally changed your mind about books?

Oh, goodness. I get so much crap for it, but Twilight. I’ve always liked vampire movies (encouraged by brother and mom) and when I first saw the preview for it, I knew I wanted to see it. I didn’t at first, cause life got in the way. It was about two years after the first one was released, and there was all this hype about it (which I found so annoying), before I finally saw it. New Moon had just been released on dvd, so once I saw the first one (and loved it, of course) I went out and bought the second one. If you’ve ever watched the movies you will understand the kind of state I was in. I was irate! I immediately went out and bought all the books. A few days later I started reading them and didn’t stop. I got up and went to work at five thirty in the morning, got off at two o’clock and would read until two in the morning. I was so enthralled that I didn’t eat. This went on for five days, when I finally finished them. I was hooked and started reading like a mad woman. Once of my favorite things is going to Barnes & Noble. That smell… (I’m slightly addicted to Starbucks as well) Nothing like it.

JS - snippet
5. Why did you then decide to try your hand at writing?

Earlier this year my cousin and I started a book club. We were constantly sending recommendations to each other over the last year. We decreed that we had EXCELLENT taste in books and decided to share the love. Well a couple months after that, I kept having all these ideas rush into my head. It just felt like, I don’t know, something was telling me to do it.

6. Was it hard?

Yes and no. Yes because, I’m a nurse. It seemed silly to me. Who am I to think I can write? No because, it just came effortlessly. I got over the nerves and just let things come out. I let a few people read what I had and they loved. (Hopefully, they weren’t just being nice.)

JS - snippet 4
7. How would you write – longhand or laptop?

I prefer my desktop. Those damn track pads on laptops drive me nuts! My desk chair is actually a recliner (weird, I know) but it’s so freaking comfortable. It makes it easy to sit there for hours and let it come out.
8. Tell me about the plot of your debut novel

Harper Reagan has had a difficult life, to put it mildly. When she was very young her parents were murdered and she was, essentially, kidnapped. Then dropped off at a hospital. She went into foster care and was moved around. When she was ten she settled into one foster home, but was repeatedly molested by the foster father. She ran away at fifteen and began to live on the streets, where she was picked up by another guy, who put her into prostitution. At nineteen she was saved by a friend of her parents. The story picks up ten years after that. She seems to be living well, but she remains hidden. She has not come to terms with her past and has definitely not moved on. She deals with the nightmares and flashbacks and thanks her lucky stars that she’s alive. She doesn’t want anything else. She feels she has to pay some penance for ‘choosing’ that life and she has let it darken her soul.

Enter Breccan Caldwell. He’s confident, sexy and hopelessly in love with her. He pushes her boundaries and attempts to force her to open up. She knows he’s too good for her. He’s perfect and clean, whereas her soul has been marked. She wants him, but can’t come to terms with it. Not to mention she lives in fear of being found again.
9. How did you come up with that?

I don’t know what it was. There were just all these dark thoughts running through my head. So many romance novels deal with the man having secrets and demons. I wanted a story where the woman does. Usually the heroine has to pull the man from the shadows and show him how to live. This is the opposite.
10. When you were writing – how did you keep track of the plot?

Hmmm. I’m not really sure. I pretty much had it all mapped out in my head. I constantly re-read it though, to come up with new ideas.

JS - snippet 3
11. How did you name your characters?

Haha. I looked up names on line. I wanted the hero’s name to be unique and catching. And I wanted the heroines name to be… I don’t know how to explain it… badass? I suppose. I love their names.
12. Is there sex in your book – soft or pretty hot

Yes. There is definitely sex. I consider it hot. It’s descriptive, it’s rough, it’s sweet. I don’t spare on any details. Also, with her nightmares, the scenes where she is a prostitute or is being raped are detailed as well. I put it all in there, what it feels like and how it makes her feel and how she copes, if at all. It’s raw and gruesome. Not for the faint of heart.
13. how did you cope with writing sex scenes?

I’m not sure what you mean, I guess. There wasn’t a lot of coping to be done, I don’t think. Sex is something natural and not something to be shied away from, but embraced. Even the rape scenes (this may sound heartless or strange) didn’t really bother me. I just thought of how I would feel if that was happening to me.
14. was it hard – did it turn you on?

Haha! It was not hard and it did turn me on. I had to message a couple friends to ask if I was some kind of freak, because it turned me on. (They said I was not, FYI.)

JS - snippet 2
15. how important is the sex to your book and your plot?

Not super important. It’s more about her inner turmoil. The sex scenes from her past are pretty important to understand what she went through and how she felt. You need to be pulled under with her. I suppose the fact that she is able to have sex at all anymore is pretty impressive. I may be addressing how she overcame that in the second or third books.
16. how many words would you write in a day

I didn’t really. When I had time I would write. Some nights I would whip out a few thousand or sometimes less. It just depended on where I was in the story.
17. if you get writers block, what do you do

I read my story. I start at the beginning and read it all over. Or I go and read something else. My mind would wander if I would read another author’s work and I’d make notes for later.
18. who would be your ultimate author

Sweet Jesus. I don’t even know. Right now I’m big into Kristen Ashley. Her characters always crack me up. Especially The Rock Chick Series. I also love Tara Sivec’s Chocolate Lover’s Series. Katie Ashley, Belle Aurora, Raine Miller, Jodi Ellen Malpas, Jessica Shirvington’s Embrace Series. And of course my good friends: Beverley Hallowed, Samantha Fontien, P. J. Belden and Leia Madison.

There’s just too many who are amazing.
19. what book would you have liked to have written

None. I don’t think I could’ve done any of them justice. The reason I’m such a fan of them is because I love the way they were written and I wouldn’t have written them that way.
20. what is your next book going to be about?

Well first, I’m going to finish this Shattering the Darkness Series. Book 1 is Darkness Deserved, Book 2 is Darkness Found and Book 3 is Darkness Ascends. Then I’ve had a few ideas jumping around in my head that will probably be more light hearted.

Jessica Spoon cover - darkness deserved

Buy the BOOK here


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