10 Reasons to date an Older Woman while in College

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February 8, 2014 by aoifebrennan

Originally posted in College Times

10 reasons why you should date an older woman when you’re in college


  1. You instantly become more attractive to the opposite sex

There is nothing that will irritate your female class mates more than if you date an older woman. A sort of ‘hands off our men’ and ‘what does she have that we don’t have’ thought process will bug your colleagues and make you seem by default more attractive. As in ‘how on earth did HE manage to pull that off?’

2.     Your male colleagues will be very impressed

Especially if the older woman is of the Robyn Wright from House of Cards standard. As your friends drink solo pints of Guinness in the Buttery or the College Bar in UCD, you will be drinking pints in The Horseshoe Bar. Just make sure the drinks go on her credit card otherwise dinner will be curry chips.


3.     Your sexual education will be perfected

By dating an older woman you get to explore your sexuality in a non-judgemental, open environment.  Don’t worry about technique, just bring your youth and an open mind and prepare to receive a PhD in life between the sheets. This is also another reason why girls your own age will want to date you afterwards


4. Your conversational skills will be honed

Dating an older woman means your conversations will stray further than football, exams or politics. You will learn to listen to someone who has done it all before, seen it all before and voted for it all before. Unlike your great aunt Matilda who might have as many years on the planet, your older date will have lived and then some, otherwise why would she have the confidence to date a younger man.


5. You will learn dinner etiquette

On a student budget, fine dining is too expensive but with an older woman you can be fed, learn manners and still do the dance with no pants. Attention to detail is important, and do remember to practice your manners. Rising when your date returns from the bathroom is a nice touch, as too is filling her wine glass (not to the brim) and ensuring she is enjoying her meal, even if she is paying for it.


6. You will learn how to relax in the company of a woman

Dating someone your own age can be a minefield of expectations and nerves. An older date will not feel the need to get married, have kids or plan a future together. I am not saying younger dates will want all that; just that older dates have done all that already. They also realise that future planning is redundant and it is better to live in the moment. Relax, listen and enjoy the company of a beautiful woman.

7. You will gain a soul mate with Experience

This article is predicated  on the fact that you have found yourself a special, elegant, cultured older woman, not the old chip shop lady sought by Neil in the Inbetweeners who just ‘put out’. Finding an interesting older date can really help if you have problems or issues too delicate to mention to your friends (and I don’t mean crabs lol) but your older date might have a perspective or viewpoint you hadn’t thought of before. It will also be in her interest to help guide you to happiness. Being able to discuss your hearts desires with someone older who cares for you can be very empowering


8. You will brighten up a Special Lady’s life

Your older date may have done it all before, but she may also have become a little jaded at the vagaries of life. You have the chance to inject fresh enthusiasm and passion into someone’s life. There is nothing more exciting and exhilarating than going on a date with a younger man. Take a bow, you’ve just made someone’s night.


9. You will have fun

Dating an older woman is guaranteed to be fun. Older woman are more relaxed, they understand about living in the moment, they adore sex, they really appreciate the physical form and they like to laugh.  Waiver: make sure you pick the right older woman!


10. You will walk away a better person

Sadly, you will probably walk away. Your future will hold travel, career, exploration, falling in love, having children, buying a house, and all the things that an older woman had already done. As reflected in Joseph Gordon Levitt’s directorial debut Don Jon, the joy is in the moment. So enjoy, live, love and always hold a special place in your heart for your older lover.


Aoife Brennan, author of The Cougar Diaries Trilogy; smart sassy feminist erotica. Thinking women’s erotica that is also enjoyed by men (DickLit).

@eroticadarling on Twitter and on Facebook



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